Nothing real fancy this past weekend. I did a simple Venison stew Friday evening and we reheated it on Saturday night. I also made some camp Cherry cobbler. Everyone has their own recipes for these items, but here are mine:

Venison Camp Stew

2 lbs of venison stew meat
Quart or 2 of Venison stock (or Beef stock)
32 oz of crushed tomatoes
Onion and garlic
Vegetables -whatever is available (I used carrots, Okra, corn, broccoli and peas)
Salt and pepper
Chili power, Ancho chili and Paprika to taste

Slice the meat into small, thin pieces broan it in the pan. Remove
Brown the onions and garlic for a few minutes and then add the potatoes for a minute as well. Salt and Pepper
Pour in the stock and tomatoes.
Add your meat and vegetables.

Put the lid on it, place charcoals on top and go hunting. Come back, check that the meat is tender and then add the spices until the flavor is where you want it.

Deer camp cobbler:

Pre heat the dutch oven

Add two cans of pie feeling (I prefer to get some organic kind from Whole Foods as I can't stand that corn syrup taste, but that's just me).

Pour one box of white cake mix on top.

Place pieces of sliced butter on top of the mix.

Put the lid on and place coals on top. Check every 20 minutes or so. Depending on heat, might take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes. I like a longer, slow heat.

When done, add Cinnamon to flavor. -real easy.

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