I have been wanting to do this a while and one area I have to hunt is eat up with does, but I have only seen two small bucks on camera. During rut bruisers move in and out, but I wanted to see if this would have any positive impact on giving a buck a more specific place to check. While we are on the subject of bucks in a given area, have any of you guys ever put cams and corn out before season and see a buck on a pattern that you never get on camera. I have heard several people say they have bucks that are not on their trail camera, but every area I have hunted in early season has proven to me that, if I didnt get pics of them on camera before season chances are I won't see different bucks early season. I have always wondered if there is any truth to this. It may be a coincidence but If I do see a bachelor group early season, it has always been the a group of bucks that I have had on camera and no different. I have seen the most mature buck be the last to come out the majority of the time, but in these groups I have never seen a mature buck that I didnt have pictures of. I just always thought that this was a way to give the people that were telling me "He is here" hope to see a bruiser early season. Sorry for the million questions in one, but didnt want to have to separate posts. Thanks