Daddy came by while ago with his newest rifle,,Sako L461 single shot solid bottom action, heavy barrel,with a super nice oil finished stock with a pretty good beavertail forend ,,had a two stage trigger that after the takeup breaks really clean maybe 1 1/2 pounds probably less,,
he had the 40x45 Leupold scope in the Sako mounts and I wish I would have had my camera,,really really nice rifle.

he had some ammo made from Lapua 220 Russian brass loaded with 68 gr Berger bullets and H335 powder,,I shot a couple 3 shot groups getting a feel for the trigger and adjusting the scope,,I swear I think the three shot groups will measure in the .1`s and after I got a zero I shot two five shot groups well under .250,,

top to bottom front to back maybe the nicest rifle I ever shot,,seems to be extreme accurate as well.

sieral number started with an A and was numbered less than 400,is there any way to date when this rifle would have been made??
I know they dont make the L461 action now.
gun junky