This morning I decided to hunt were my big trail cam buck was till 8:00 then scout, it's a salt lick so I didn't expect to see much. As expected, I didin't see anything in stand so I climbed out and looked around. As soon as I got to a whiteoak, maybe 60 yards from the lick, I found a nice trail with his tracks fresh in it. I followed it around the ridge and decided it looked good enough. Then I walked back up the middle of the ridge and found a large scrape in a patch of small poplar trees. It didn't have a licking branch though, what does that mean? Does it matter? There was a 2" tree demolshed about 5 yards away and a little dime size rub.

I started too pee in it but looked up and saw a doe trot off. I knew were she went so I waited a bit then followed. When I got to were she was standing I noticed she had been bedded by a tree with another deer. I ended up stalking them in a patch of kudzu. Unfortunately I couldn't get any closer and can't shoot good enough at 40 so I just let em be and moved my stand 20 yards from the scrape and trail.

May try an evening hunt and putting a cam over the scrape today.
Shed hunting and trail camera addict

"It's not whatcha got, it's what you give." -Tesla

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."
-John Muir