Its been pretty frustrating to say the least.I have between 20 and 25 hunts in so far this season,with a total of between 60-80 hours on stand..I quit keeping track of the hunts after my 15th hunt,so im pretty sure it should be between 20-25 now.I also,always sit till 11 am on morning hunts,and sit from 5pm to dark on evening hunts. Now get ready for this,I've seen a grand total of 2 deer from the stand.And im pretty sure it was the same deer that I seen both times.LOL I have 4 properties to hunt all to myself.Im hunting the same spots I hunted last season that I was seeing a ton a deer from. They are as follows in size..100acres,50 acres,45acres and 70 acres.So nothing too big.I feel I have these properties pretty well covered with stands,but im just not seeing the deer.

I have next week (oct 15-19) off for vacation,i've come to the conclusion that if I don't start seeing some deer during that week,that im gonna call it quits on bow season and wait for muzzleloader season to open and let all the places calmn down some..Im hunting myself to death..
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