Let me draw up a picture. Last chance/day for me to bow hunt (schedule). A couple minutes of legal shooting light left - right as camera man goes to put up his camera, out comes ones of the bucks I have been after. He quickly eases in and the camera man can't get the camera going - the camera shutters - deer looks right at us - I'm at full draw n he's facing straight at me (20 yards) with his chest poked out. Buck fever hits and THUMP - nailed him - chest shot. Give him an hour to expire, find the arrow about 60 yards from where I hit him - blood almost all the way up to the fletching and a lot of blood around the arrow (small puddles). Blood 2 yards away from the arrow, then poof gone nothing. I searched around for another hour then gave up for the night. Any suggestion when I go on the search tomorrow morning. Also, with this cooler weather will the meat still be good if I find him before the coyotes do?
1st Rifle Kill - 9 pt "On the wall"
1st Muzzleloader Kill - 6 pt "On the wall"
1st Bow Kill - 5 pt "On the grill"
Still trying to the beat the 1st in each category - hopefully this will be the year?