...He drove in from Knoxville and we haven't been able to kill his first deer yet (he missed one last year). He comes up a couple times year for turkey and deer hunting.

We used a blind, which I am not that fond of anymore. It seems unless you can leave the blind in a spot all the time then the deer are on high alert when a blind is present. I think it would be better to use more of a natural cover on public land. But it is good to hunt in the same location and hang out...

Sure enough, and pleasantly surprised, we had two does and a fawn come in and the only deer that presented a shot stood 25 yards away but the vitals were of course, hiding behind a tree.

My friend had the crossbow ready to go and we were ranged and since we were in a blind the doe was looking at us most the time any way and finally took off. She didn't blow or take off in a full sprint.

Regardless, I was proud of my friend. He said he was not comfortable with the shot. I told him he did the right thing. Glad he did rush it.

Now come gun season take the shot! \:\)

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