I got permission back in the summer to hunt roughly 70 acres.I finally got out there today to take a look at it.Its all big woods.Big timber,some very big timber for the area.The woods are very open,and you can see really good just about anywhere.It has some big ridges that are very steep on the sides,and are really flat on top,and loaded with oaks.I walked alot of it,looking for trails and such.And I never came across the first deer trail.Let me repeat that...Zero deer trails.But what I did find was just random walk sign all over it.Is this normal for big timber deer,to not use trails? Seems to have quite a few deer on it.I know from the area that it has good deer numbers. Also,when the leaves fall off,i'll be able to sit on one ridge side and shoot across to the other side,since its so open.My question is,do deer tend to walk across the hill sides,or do they tend to go straight up and straight back down?
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