Well after hundreds of views on this thread and no responses I decided to buy one of these sights.....one word "WOW"!!

Pros: It forced me into my true anchor point = better form, consistent accuracy

Low light issues gone.....took my last shot with my anchor sight at 7:15pm and hit bullseye...i couldnt see my pin before i couldnt see my anchor sight and my window to shoot with my peep ended at 6:57 pm last saturday. That means nearly 20 min more shooting time.

Went from 5 pins to 1 pin = less congested sights.....pin 1 is 10-50 yards...

Peep removed = higher IBO i gained 6 fps!

Had it shooting in 20 minutes and am really excited about this product

Sorry for such a long post but im baffled this thing isnt on every bow.
Crossbows should be for the handicap only!

Life's Not Handed To Ya; Go Get It.

Sure, the rut is a GREAT time to hunt if you don't know what you're doing!