These birds make me go crazy and do real stupid stuff sometimes.... no details, let's just say I lost another arrow and was asking for it. I had been chasing the birds all afternoon. I bought some more to refill my quiver. The one older arrow somehow broke in the quiver so I got rid of it and bought 2 new arrows and a new pack of thunderheads. I think I need to calm down and take it easy, and not try to sneak up and kill every turkey I see in the woods. \:D

also if it were regular fall turkey season and i had the shotgun, I would have SMOKED em. the first time they came in today, was after a couple hours sitting in my lawn chair in a cedar glade, sporadically yelping on the slate call. They came in quietly off the private cow field, I saw a couple of them coming straight for me. I got my bow back but one of them knew something was up and started the dreaded putt and they left, but then I snuck up on em again and got in range but the woods were too thick to shoot an arrow through.

All this happened while I was "deer hunting"... well I was, and had seen a couple of deer, but nothing came into range for me. I did bump a buck on my way out in the evening.