Got 2 new cameras for a property we were given permission to hunt. Planted some rocks and strategically placed our cameras. First time ever we use cameras. Set them up Last Monday and waited a good week and a half. We went out today with a couple tree stands and to pull the pictures. CAMERAS ARE GONE! I wanted to cry. Worst feeling ever. Needless to say we are not installing any tree stands. Probably going to invest in a good climber and not leave any equipment behind. How often do cameras get jacked like that? Is that ‘just how it goes’? I was so looking forward to checking out the pics. Anyway. That Sucked!

If someone is in there trying to discourage us from hunting and we run into them during our hunt what is the best course of action? Ive never ran into anything like this. There is some posted signs but will be bringing a lot more next time we come out. I'm so mad right now.
John 3:17