And although I have nothing against shooting boxes, or whatever their called, I am talking: taking a pear of hand pruners....whooping ya up a blind, using a seat cushion, and being as scent free as possible. I killed a doe last sat morning like this. I have a grand total of ONE deer stand. I bought it yeterdy. I don't intend on spending that much anymore. BUT,....I went scouting this morning and was NOT disappointed. Acorns galore. A year round spring with tracks around it. Deep in a midnite holler. An awesome evening place. AND PLENTY OF STRAIGHT LIMBLESS TREES!!! I immediately thought: I'm getting another (had two in the past) Viper. Several tres are PERFECT. The understory is situated to hide me good!!! Yes...I'll run to Pickwick and buy JUST ONE MORE!!! And that'll be it!!!
But sanity soon returned and I realized that shooting a good deer from the ground CAN be done. I read an article about a seventy yr old man who still uses one of the first Jennings Compounds. Big FAT cedar arrows (I THINK cedar) and Bear razorheads with inserts. And he ONLY hunts on a dove stool. With no back. He just pops that sucker in the middle of a briar thicket. He kills MONSTERS every year. I'll search for the article and post the linkage.
My fellow ground hunters. Tips? Tricks? Anything ya want to pass on to a teachable soul? There surely other ways to trick a deers senses and instinct than being 15 feet high. I have been busted numerous times and be in a climer. Besides, I'm getting old. I don't care to backpack in a climber...and I am not real crazy about getting this Millenium set up in a tree. My mom has a Drs. appt this afternoon or I'd be out there now setting the Millenium up and dropping sweat everywhere. But this post is dedicated to the ground hunters amongst us. You can feel welcome and accepted here. lol No ostracization!