after some researching on the internet, I found a common denominator was that the CVA wolf was an excellent value gun, and a good choice for someone just getting into ML'ers.

So I purchased a .50 CVA wolf, blued with camo stock today.

I purchased some 50 grain powder pellets, and some 240 grain sabots.

I put 2 pellets in, ( 100 grains ) and pushed in a bullet and bang. =) The smoke the thing makes is awesome. lol,

NOW that my over zealousness to shoot the new gun is overwith, is there anything i NEED to know about muzzle loaders that may differ from a standard cartridge gun? This is my first muzzle loader, and I just wanted to make sure i'm doing things properly.

I cleaned it all up and put it back in the box. it'll stay there until i hear back from you boys with experience. =)
Good judgment comes from experience, alot of that comes from bad judgment.