Ok, drove up to location, 3 doe and a fawn were looking at me, I got out and away they went! Called friend on advice, GO HUNT! So I went in climbed up and at 6:45 three deer come blazing in my area! two went 50 yards west and one lazily under me on right side. I watched for any alertness and the show was on! She ate some acorns directly below and then went to my left side from behind the tree. All deer were chilled out grazing and my heart was not! She took a few steps forward roughly 10-12 yards away and I drew on her. All I needed was a couple more steps but noooo, I released and saw her buck hard and run away. I knew I hit her but not sure of the shot. After some time, I climbed down got arrow and saw my fletching was damaged (new arrow) and very little blood on one fletch. one hair stuck and no blood in area. I searched but no further evidence so was a flesh wound.I hate to not find a deer especially wounded, but I am confident she will survive. After reviewing the action, a small limb was my downfall but my impatience led the way. Where is Yoda now?
This is my year for deer!
2007 PSE Brute HP
Muzzy 3 Blade 125 Grain
Gold Tip Extreme Hunter 55/75 Arrows
Patience Patience Patience