Out of curiosity, when do you consider it “too late” to go hunting in the evening? A lot of people have jobs that don’t allow them to hunt during the work week and are limited to only hunting weekends. If everything works out right and I can leave work 15-30 minutes early, then I can get in my stand by 6p.m. If I know I cannot make it to my stand by 6p.m. then I won’t go hunting. Instead, I’ll go home and wish I was in the stand and keep thinking this evening would have been the evening that big mature Tn. bruiser walks by and gives me that broad shot at 15 yards. Out of curiosity, when do you consider it too late to go hunting during this time of year (before time goes back)?
1st Rifle Kill - 9 pt "On the wall"
1st Muzzleloader Kill - 6 pt "On the wall"
1st Bow Kill - 5 pt "On the grill"
Still trying to the beat the 1st in each category - hopefully this will be the year?