I got a set of Burris 30mm Signature rings to put the 4.5-14 Leupold LR/T on the CZ 455 Varmint 22,,

I want to use all the 100 Minutes of adjustments in the scope and need 45 minutes of taper in the mounts to get there,

I just ordered the DIP 25 Minute taper rail for the 11mm CZ grooves,and was gonna get the other 20 Minutes from the offset inserts.here is where Burris CS comes into play,,the rings come with four zero taper inserts and supposed to have two -10 and two +10 offset inserts,,but mine arrived with four -10,which wont work..I figured it would be a big hassle and a long drawed out phone tag BS,so I sent email last night and got reply this morning at 930 that they were in the mail at no charge,,

anybody can make a mistake,,what makes a company or a person for that matter is how you deal with mistakes,,

I am well pleased and I am slowly swapping all my mounts out to the Burris rings with the inserts,,they are the best thing since sliced bread,,
gun junky