Dropped a doe yesterday with the Ulmer Edge broadhead. I hit her high but didn't spine her...instead I hit under her spine but she dropped instantly like I had spined her. I placed a follow up shot because she was trying to get away on her front legs. Shot her with the G5 Striker.

Was surprised the Striker had quite a bit of damage to it.

You can see the to blade is bent and broken and the one to the side is broken as well. The head didn't hit anything but the deer and stuck in soft dirt on the other side. The Edge didn't make a big gash in the deer like I'm use to seeing with the Grim Reaper or Rage. There was a much shorter slash but if it would have been in the lungs it would have done well. The overall head condition after the shot = great. No rolled or broken tip and the blades aren't bent either. I went and bought a pack of NAP Killzones yesterday on my way home so I have some of those in my quiver now. Could have killed another yesterday evening but it was a button buck by itself...glad I had binoculars or I would have mistaken it for a doe.