I read a bunch of posts about broadheads and gear.
I enjoy reading about other hunters experiences, good or bad. I think maybe some of the best lessons are from our bad stories.

I have not used, and don't have friends who have used ALL of the equipment on the market today. But I do have friends and aquaintences who between all of us, have used MANY of the heads and gear.

ANY good, sharp, well placed head, even a sharp rock, can kill a deer quickly. And ALL of these same heads, even a Rage 2 inch cut placed through both lungs, can be a non recoverable deer.

I have seen several examples on both "sides of the fence".

So at the end of the day, I only want to ask myself one question.

"Have I done all I can do to prepare myself and my equipment to prevent needless suffering of the animal I am hunting"?

Have I practiced, shot enough to tone up muscles and gear and made sure I have prepared that gear for the moment of truth?

And if the answer is yes to those questions, then I am ready.

Everything else is just bowhunting or gun hunting.

Let's face it, some of us, no matter HOW MUCH we have prepared, are going to lose a deer this year. EVEN the gun hunters will do this.

So as the season progresses, good luck to you all. And keep practicing. Maybe it won't be you.

May all your blood trails be short and RED!!!
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Luck is where Opportunity and Preparation MEET!
When in doubt...back out!
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