I ended up finding very acceptable accuracy with Stryker arrows (Laser Gold 2's or something like that) and Rage Expandables. I was hunting from the ground. Threw up some vegetation the eveing before overlooking a point. here she comes at 8;15 am yesterday morn. Right straight at me. Her path was taking her towards me without a broadside shot. So I did a neck shot. The arrow went through the neck and out the back ham. There was NO blood trail but it wasn't the broadhead's fault. It was the shooter's. Had I waited for a broadside and put one in that boiler room there in no doubt that blood would have been plentiful. Still, death came within 60 yards. Very impressed with these expandables. This is my first deer with Expandables and that gave me loads of confidence. This Bowtech Srykeforce 380 has turned out to be a tackdriver. I have zeroed the first circle reticle at 25 yards. (at 15 yards....dead on also. At 35 yards...still dead on) In fact I will use the first pin out to 45 yard. Then, the second pin will be a bit high. I'll re-scope it some day, but right now, I know where the bow will hit.
Her head was down and she was headed uphill towards me. What you see is the entrance wound. The exit wound wasn't as opened up. I am thinking that bones broke the blades off. But....a dead deer with minimal suffering in spite of the shooters poor choice of shots. I will be more disciplined from now on. This deer was FULL of acorns and greens. She had milk in her udders so she was still nursing and she was poor as rake. Hip bones showing. That always disturbs me. But those fawns will live on. I hope.