Sam Davis and his son Seth made the drive down from Sparta, Tenn. on Saturday. They bought a trip I donated to a benefit banquet for a gentleman paralyzed in a fall from a tree stand.

The cats were on fire. We caught catfish in every spot we fished. It seemed we could do not wrong. At one point Seth complained because he didn't get a bite on a particular drift. I said, "Seth, do you realize you just complained because you went for an entire five minutes without a bite?" He grinned sort of sheepishly, realizing that, "Yea, it's been a pretty good day."

We tried anchoring for a big fish... but all we caught were a few measly 10 or 12-pounders.

Sam and Seth went home with a packed cooler... and were really wishing they'd brought a second cooler. That means life is good and gettin' better every day!

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