I purchased it from Wyvern Creations, where I bought my other 2 crossbows the last few years. I know that y'all have heard this question a hundred times but let me ask it again. I need a expandable broadhead that will impact like the field points. I mean...don't we all? I bought the package with Nap Spitfires and David (the owner) said that they act much like the field points. Cab I get some experience from you guys: I only have a bag target. But I can get another. I need to be able to see where my hunting tips are hitting. Can y'all shed some light on how I can accomplish this with such a powerful bow? My Safari Mag (I sold it) would NOT put field points with any other kind of hunting head, expandable or fixed. Especially fixed. A recipe for wounding deer is going into the woods with a hunting broadhead that is REPORTED BY OTHERS to fly to the same Point of Impacty as field points. Is 125 grain better than 100 grain with these bows?? Thanks. By the way, he said that he was selling the 350 and 380's FAST. Surely some of y'all bought one of the 380's and can holp a feller hunter out. Much obliged. kevin