If you've followed my posts any at all over the last little bit, you will remember me being pretty down on Block targets and their durability.

Well despite this fact, my wife and I decided to give a GlenDel buck a try. The target's overall thickness was much better than some of the others we looked at. So I bought one...and we bring it home. I bought it new in mid August 2012. It is now just past mid September. This target has less than 100 arrows shot into it...I shoot mostly into my bag target and have been shooting the deer target maybe once or twice a day. Despite this...look what is happening with it in just a month's time with just field tip shooting. Only til a week ago did it have a practice broadhead shot in it, and it was a blue practice Rage.

This is from 25 yards btw.

Here you can see just how few arrows have actually been shot into it...and already getting near pass through arrows. I shot one the other day and my arrow completely disappeared and all that was holding it was the fletching on the back side of it. This is disappointing for a brand new target. And why I will NEVER own another GlenDel/Block/Field Logic product.

I bought a cheap 3D target at WalMart about 3 years ago that held up to shooting until this year!! I could have bought two of those targets to what I gave for this GlenDel.