I have had my Polaris Sportsman 500HO for less than a month. It currently has just over 6 hrs on it.

I have had it in the mud a couple of times, washed it a couple of times (no power wash, just hose), and I use it to pull equipment for my daughter's band.

Last Saturday, we went to a local competition, and I pulled equipment from buses to the field and from the field to the buses. I have literally had NO problems with this 4 wheeler before this. I have used the winch a few times too. Everything has been fine.

After finishing the pull Saturday night, I parked the ATV. I went back to it about 20 mins later and went to start it. I turned on the "run" switch, put the key in, waited for the dash lights to come on and the screen to show correctly (2.5sec) and turned the key. The engine turned over twice and quit. DASH WENT DARK. FROM THAT POINT, I GOT NOTHING!

I checked the fuses. None blown. I had to pull the front panel to get to the fuse box.

If there is another fuse location or breaker, please let me know. Has anyone else experienced this?