Due to not being able to find forage radishes this year I decided try sugar beets. I ended up buying a few bags of Biologic winter bulbs which is mainly sugar beets with a few turnips mixed in. I mixed in some more purple top turnips and some clover and wheat to maximize attraction.

Whether the deer eat them or not is still to be determined; however, I must say that I am very impressed with the rapid growth of the sugar beets. I have attached two photos of the same patch of beets from last weekend to this weekend. We have been lucky with getting timely rain and I am sure that has lots to do with the good growth. Hopefully we will get some good early freezes this year and this will be a hot spot in early December and great source of late winter food after the season.

Last week September 16

This weekend September 23

Here is a pic of part of the plot this past weekend.