Ive been so frustrated with my bow i just gotta rant. I bought a martin firecat prox last year, put a set of cobra sights on it, it had a whiskerbisquet on it already. So i get it shooting great worh fp's but go to shoot my broadheads and there off BAD!! I cant adjust my sights any more im hitting low at 20 yards im scared to try any farther with it. Ive tried fixedblade muzzys and grim reapers to no avail. Im at my wits end i know next to nothing about bows and noone i know can seem to point me in the right direction. I guess im threw with messing with it if i cant get it fixed soon. Ok rant mode off. If anyone can give me some advice on what to do id appreciate it, ive gota spot loaded with deer and am only aloud to bow hunt it and hate to pass up the chance.