Well, I just retuned from Colorado where I had the opportunity to archery hunt for elk on public land.

My "guide" Tickweed, who has successfully hunted Colorado for several years, put us right into the action. We set up camp on top of a tall ridge in some spruce trees (@ 9,500 feet). First evening we moved to a lookout point so he could show us the terrain. That evening before dark the bugling started.

The next morning we set off down the mountain chasing the bugling bulls. I got to within 75 yards of a 5 x 5, but was not able to get in bow range.

Day 2 I chased the sound of a bugling elk over a mile down the mountain. After a 10 hour stalk I was in bow range. I sent the arrow sailing into the side of the bull (a nice 4 x 4). The bull ran to about 50 yards and stopped, where I sent a second arrow into the bull. He crashed into a thick ravine. We tracked blood into the thicket. After searching for 2 days I had to come to the conclusion that I lost my bull. The thicket he ran into was brutal, much like the terrain there.

It was very disappointing to lose this magnificent animal.

The hunt continued. We saw many elk and mule deer (some very nice bucks). The mountains are beautiful. Tickweed killed a cow that we estimated to be about 500 lbs.

This was the most physically demanding hunt I have ever been on (even if we don't consider how exhausting it was packing out the cow up the steep slides along the Rockies), and I can't wait to go back.
Tomorrow hopes we've learned something from yesterday.