Well,got tired of fooling with my savage 10ML,and it not shooting good..I caved to the peer pressure over on dougsmessage board,and ordered a 45cal pacnor barrel..It is expected to ship in 2 weeks time,so I should have it plenty in time for out muzzleloader season..I probably won't even buy a rifle tag this year..Just a list of what I tried with my Savage 10ML...

Powders I tried...

Reloder 7
Vhitivhouri N110 & N120

Bullets I tried....

.452 250gr & 300gr Hornady XTP
.452 250gr Hornady FTX
.458 300gr hornady HP
.458 300gr Remington HP

Sabots I tried....

Orange MMP sabots
short black MMP sabots
Harvester black and red crush rib sabots
Harvester smooth black sabots
MMP HPH12 sabots

I spent a small fourtune trying to get this gun to shoot good,and the best I ever got was right at 1.5 inches at 100yds..I figure for a $600 muzzleloader,it should shoot alot better than 1.5 inches..
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