Arrived in Kenai

WDS is ready

Not a chance in hell.

Rain delay for 3 days so...
We fish for Pink Salmon

And visit the locals

Game time

Lake Clark Pass

Camp set and tomorrow we hunt

Time to hunt

Lots of beautiful scenery

WDS hunting hard

Me hardly hunting

Snacks are everywhere


Now the work starts and doesn't end for 2 days!!

1/2 way done and we need another 10x10 tarp

Now thats ALOT of back strap

These work alot better than boat paddles but are much heavier (40 pounds)

They worked and got this guy to swim the lake for a fight. But he winded us and got out of bow range for WDS.

Love it

This may have cost me my rental car deposit. Stuck out the window 10"

Time to clear out 66 inches wall space

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