Did you know no U.S. President has ever captured 62% or more of the vote?

The biggest "landslide" was when Lyndon Johnson captured 61.1% of the vote over Barry Goldwater's 38.5%.

In 2008, Obama received 52.9% of the vote. That's barely over half, but was a decisive victory over McCain's 45.7%. One "wild card" is how many people vote for unelectable candidates (such as Ralph Nader, Ross Perot, or Ron Paul) thereby often indirectly helping to elect the candidate they dislike most.

Of course another "wild card" is the electoral college system, which makes relatively small victories appear larger than they were by the popular vote. But many believe the electoral college is a "fairer" way than by simply just counting the popular vote, since the electoral college puts more weighting on states geographically, and less weighting on mega-population centers such as Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. If not for the electoral college format, presidential candidates could simply ignore most of the country, only need to campaign and appeal to the voters of the largest cities.

But since we DO have the electoral college system,
I'm now predicting a huge landslide victory for Romney.


Because America is finding out the truth about Obama, turning out many to vote against him, while many that were for him in 2008 will simply not vote at all in 2012. Again, keep in mind Obama only captured 52.9% of the vote in 2008. He's going to get a lot less this time.

Another thing. People are now more excited about Romney in Sept 2012 than they were about McCain in Sept. 2008. There were many independents who just didn't vote rather than vote for McCain. But those feel a little better about Romney, plus they REALLY want to get Obama out. So the independents will vote in higher numbers, democrats will vote in lower numbers, while republicans will vote in about the same numbers. This spells L-A-N-D-S-L-I-D-E for Romney.