Ok, been putting this off for a bit until I compile experiences and got the gumption. As we have seen broadhead debates can be heck on here so nothing you read after this is anything other than opinion. Allbeit opinion that kills 5 plus deer a year with a bow for the last 4 years (already at 5 this year) and is super anal on set up.

I have shot rages for several years and muzzys before that. As I have said many times on a shoulder hit I'll take a muzzy anything else, I'll take the rage. However, the rage isn't the cats meow on penetration. Out of todays bows 95 times out of 100 it wont make a difference, but a muzzy would be 99.95 in this ranking.

Going into this year I wnated a head that would give me a little (emphasis on little) better penetration and toughness and the same high hemoraging ability on marginal hits.

Let me take this chance to say I don't think a deer hit anywhere with a rage is dead. I've seen them lost with these heads on several type shots. But...if I happen to put a marginal non shoulder shot on a deer, I trust this head more than any other I've used.

Anyways, I settled on trying the killzones for the lack of oring and still 2" cut (two strikes i put against the ulmer edge head).

Ive killed 3 deer with rages this year and 2 with the killzones. My buddy has killed 2 with the killzones. So my analysis:

Killzone blades are tougher than rage,

They dont give you the sterotypical rage entry hole but do give an above average exit

The tractor point/chisel tip is tough...

I have re-sharpened the thicker killzone blades and killed another deer...they also take more pressure to open than rage heads.

The last thing for me to try (which will be happening soon) is replacing blades. The old rage with the knurled screw are a pain...I hope the killzones are better.

Hope this helps someone. I'm happy with them as an equivelent or slight improvement over the rage. Happy hunting!