almost like the harpeth river, not really, but very low. I mostly ran my boat yesterday and did not fish half as much as I wanted. Because i had to get from point A to point B and hang a treestand with ImThere. The Howard Bridge ramp was closed till later in the afternoon for some hazardous operations training deal. So I put in downstream at Iron Bridge and basically ran all the way up to Howard Bridge without fishing. I left my boat there with the people watching it so nobody would mess with it. Went and hung the stand, and got dropped off at my truck at Iron Bridge, then drove back to where I left my boat and fished some until just after dark. I caught some bait and a micro smallmouth but that's about it. Main thing I noticed was the many times I had to get out and drag the boat through the shoals. Some of them I could have got through with the trolling motor but these dang weeds were too thick they would get caught in the prop.

Basically I wasted a bunch of time yesterday, due to lack of planning... I should have just gone and hung the tree stand first in the morning, and then fished the rest of the day. Passed many good looking fishing holes on the way upstream. Logged well over 15 miles on the river and hardly any fish to show for it. On the plus side, I can say I scouted an area of the river I will most likely use for fishing and hunting in the future. I got a better idea of what it's like and in low water conditions. I passed by the island where I found that upturned jon boat during deer season last year. All overgrown with ragweed but I recognized the spot and the water was probably 3 feet lower than it was when we dragged that boat out.

All that to say, has anyone been fishing the duck upstream of Columbia and had any luck lately? I am particularly interested in catfish and carp fishing because I have plenty of smallmouth fishing around the area I live. But I don't care what you were fishing for, I'd just like to know if the river is worth fishing when it's this low. It looks like a bigger version of the Harpeth but I felt lost trying to fish it, unlike the harpeth which I know very well...

Oh and the river should go up some with this rain. But then I will be deer hunting.....
Haven't been this excited about deer season

...since last deer season