Well I went and checked on my plots and was pleased with what I saw. Growth is a little sporadic but it should fill in. I overseeded some of the thin areas with more winter wheat so it should fill in nicely. This rain is definately welcomed. I am surprised at the growth of some of the sugar beets in three weeks.

Here are the pics!

This is a small water puddle on the same plot.

This plot was planted in winter wheat and clover. Its starting to fill in nicely. This rain should get it up and going.

I also found plenty of soft mast including persimmons and muscadines still hanging on. Between the acorns, soft mast, and plots it may be some hard hunting but the deer will have planty to eat.

One of my plots that had a good clover stand from the summer was absolutely mowed down over the last few weeks. Here is a pic of a scrape on one side of the plot. I also saw some rubs.

Here is a pic of the muscadines.