I took my bow and had a new string built for it. I also replaced the cable slide with the new red Pse slide . Well it put my cable very close to my vanes to the point I am pretty sure they where making contact . The bow shop told me if I had problems just turn the odd vane out to clear . But I didn't like that because it put the vane smushed against my face . So I decided to replace the slide with a hyper guide cable slide. Now I have plenty of room but it's pulling my string over at a steep angle , and ( maybe) causing cam lean. So I adjusted the cable slide rod. But to get room for the string and vanes not to contact . I have to adjust the slide over pretty good bit and the cable is coming of the wheel at a pretty step angle. I can't remember how it was with the factory slide . So here's my question . How much angle Is ok before I have to worry about cam lean and other issues ? I have it adjust with about a 1/8 clearance right now between the string and vanes , it's a Pse xs bow madness . Thanks