1)How many of you carry a filed point tipped arrow in your quiver when you're hunting and 2)how many have accidentally fired that field point at a deer? I ask because a friend related a story to me today while we were hanging stands. He always carried 1 field point arrow in his quiver. He had a pretty good buck feeding out in front of him and guessed at the distance and let her rip. The arrow went right under the belly. While keeping his eyes on the buck he pulled another arrow and nocked it figuring he now knew the exact distance and let her fly. Perfect broadside, double lung shot. The deer ran. He went and retrieved his arrows sticking in the ground and couldn't find much blood at all. He searched and searched and never found that buck. This guy is a pretty good hunter and if it can happen to him it can happen to anybody. Just a head up. Watch what you're doing.