First off let me start by saying a field point will kill a deer and Indians killed millions with a stick and rock tied on the end. So shot placement with any broad head will kill a deer, even with wal-mart specials! Broadheads are high dollar now and i think well overpriced but if you can afford it, buy what you want! We are licky to have such a huge selection in the market!So with that being said here is my opinion on them this year.

I love Rage broadheads! The two blade version is unreal and they will slice a deer like an axe! I have killed deer with them and they work, unfortunately there are issues with pre deployment and it is documented. They need to address this at Rage.

Grim Reaper is a great head! Maybe The best 3 blade on the market. I have seen the detestation of that heads and it is pretty awesome. I am not sure if it is the design or just how dang sharp the thing is. It is one of the sharpest broadheads I have even seen.

I am going to switch to schwackers! I like two blade cuts and I feel the lest resistantance the better chance of pass thru. I set my bow a little light in Bow season so that if I have to hold for longer than 60 seconds, I can hold it longer. Personal preference.

Pound for pound! Money for Money! I still think the Redhead blackout products are the best bang for the buck! They have expandable and 3 blade and when it comes to sharpness, thickness and affordability without sacrificing quality. They still have the best bang for the buck!

My 2 cents!
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