We talked some at the meeting,but really interested in trying to learn how to hunt the dominant tree.Ive done my own thing for years,and I see plenty of deer,but its always just a gut reaction,something like "this looks like where a deer will be" kind of thing.It has worked ok,but with all those acres of hardwoods behind me on my lease,seems like a perfect oppurtunty to look for dominate trees.

The main problem I see from listening to you is.........what I discover this saturday,wont really be good for next saturday most likely right?

My place is about 1.5 hours from my house,which I actually love.Little get away each trip.

So,my thought is to hunt on Saturday morning in a spot I am confident in,assuming the wind is right,funnel,saddle,leads to oaks and a food plot,kind of the perfect storm type place,and its near some thick stuff.Then when Im done,go check out some ridgetop fingers and look for hot action near some of the white oaks.

Question,does the time of year dictate anything to you as far as ways to narrow down things,north facing,west facing etc?High,low?There are so many w/os ,just wondering a way to narrow it down some.And yeas,Im partial to white oaks,chinkapins,for whatever reason.
The best day to plant a tree,IS TODAY!

You wont know,if you dont go!