Was afun time,met some new guys that are members on here.Pursuit Hunter,Bayou Buck,Gil,and Richmanbbq was there,but "unfortunately",I already knew him \:\) .Might have been some other Tndeer members,but that was all I met.

The big game,deer and hog guy was there.I cant believe I cant remember his name,but I cant right now.Anyway,he gave a good talk about the new deer season dates,and how the TWRC decided to extend the dates.The TWRAs input,according to him was to keep it the same,Jan 1,after they collected samples from about 60 does in the south central couties along the Alabama line,and found that the vast majority of does were bred in Dec,around the 10th I think.Although a few,about 6 I think were bred in Jan.He thought it was a good compromise.

He also gave an overview of the new "hog rules".Made some good points,and also talked about some things they are gonna try in the future.HOPE THEY KILL EM ALL!

Pursuit Hunter gave a very interesting talk on the dominant tree method of hunting.I plan on using this method in the future,very soon,makes perfect sense to me.

They had some good food,and had a great time just telling stories.

Met Gil as I said,we didnt talk about hunting at all,just fishing ,Imagine that.I guess he knows about my passion for smallmouth for sure now.Hope I didnt talk your ears off!

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