Ok I was having a debate with a buddy of mine about the difference between city and country squirrels. He was telling me how his trash can stunk because he had shot like 6 in his back yard and put them in his trash can. I asked him why he didn't skin them and put them in the freezer with the rest of them. He said and I quote, "You don't know what them things have eaten!" I was like ya well you don't know what country squirrels are eating either. His response was that city squirrels get into rat poisoning and stuff like that which will be harmful to humans. I told him that if they got into rat poisoning they would probably die. I also said that country squirrels eat corn covered in pesticides as well as drink from water that is full of pesticides and other pollutants so why are they any better. Now my question to you is do you or do you not eat city squirrels and why.