Im a little limited on info on this but to kinda sum it up, A fella I know whos 10-12 year old son wanted to get into duck hunting. with that being said they went to Paris in August for the blind drawing, drew a blind (not sure which one but dont think it was a "hot" one) they have done some work on it the last couple weekends, probably some good father son time almost like building a clubhouse. As yall know early teal/wooduck opened this weekend. They get to there blind only to find that some jerk or most likely several jerks had set it on fire and pretty much burnt it to the ground!! I used to duck hunt alot and know this stuff happens every year but knowing it happened to a great guy who was trying to give his son the opprotunity to shoot a duck or two just chaps my @$$! Anyway, I just wanted to vent and share my disappointment with how some people that consider themselves big almighty outdoorsman are really just scum of the earth. As for all you good fellas reading this, thanks for doing right and if any Paris locals might have any insight on this fill me in or if someones got an empty spot for a youngster this year let me know as well. I sure hope that karma gets those losers and thanks for reading.