I took advantage of the cool crisp morning yesterday and hunted Fayette county in SW TN. It was an odd morning for me as far as squirrel movement goes. I ended up seeing 15 squirrels, but only two were cutting in hickory trees. The rest were traveling, running around on the ground, chasing each other around the tree and just being squirrels. I went to a totally new spot which ended up being a bust because there were very few feed trees in the area that I could find. I figured out pretty fast I would have to cover some ground to find any squirrels so that is exactly what I did; walked/slipped about 1.5 miles before I got my limit. I saw 2 of the 15 on my way out after I had killed 10. I was back at the truck at 9:00. The landowner I lease my camping spot was glad to take them off of my hands when I got back to camp. All in all, a good time in the woods with some fine weather by my standards.

Andy S.

If I had saved all the money I spent on hunting, I'd spend it on hunting.