Finally got to hunt again this morning and finally got some decent weather. Hunted a spot on the old farm this morning with Hillbilly. He hunted the front side i hunted the backside and woodlots. killed 17 between us. I killed 10 squirrels on 14 shots. I did lose a squirrel that had two shots in him because i did not mark my tree and turned my attention to shoot another squirrel. Rookie mistake. Had one clean miss and one fox needed a finisher. All in all squirrel movement was solid not outstanding. a slight breeze from the north made the canopy dance a bit more than i would have preferred, but that is normally the case after a cold front in september. ended up with a mixed bag- 7 grays and 3 fox squirrel. 7 cutters, 1 barker and 2 travelers. 5 males, 5 females. Before heading back to meet Hillbilly i stopped to take a picture in an ol tree that i have been meaning to photograph a limit on for a long time, but have never had actually done it. fun morn for sure

and here is the mornings bounty

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"I will predator hunt for food "