My wife and I went to Pickwick to visit some friends for the weekend. I had the pleasure of going fishing a Bass Pro pro staff that my wife knows. I learned a lot of little things fishing with him. I caught my first bass on a Texas Rig worm. Also caught my first bass on a topwater popper. I primarily fish smaller stuff like crappie grubs or spinnerbaits, so this was a big deal for me. I also fished grass beds, which is another first for me. Fishing from the bank, I usually avoid them. Fishing them from a boat was an entirely different matter.

The fishing was really good Saturday, especially in the morning. We were fishing for largemouth bass. One guy kept a GOOD sized 9# largemough bass, and I kept two 5 # bass. We kept them long enough to show our wives and let them go. \:\) Sunday was ok, but it was pretty windy. Monday wasn't all that good--I didn't catch anything. Had a few that would follow and blow up at the lure, but no bites.

Anyways, here's the two that I kept and released.
Don't look down, BE down!--Turkeyburd (Prevous 2012)