Just realized how cheap it is running my boat, not including gas in the truck to pull the boat. I am putting ethanol free gas in my tank for my 5 horse B&S air cooled outboard even though it is just a lawnmower motor. today I topped off the 3 gallon tank after last week's trip. ethanol free gas was 3.99/gal and I paid $4.17 to refill the tank. Basically ran the boat over 25 miles (measured) over the course of a whole day, mostly at full throttle, for a gallon of gas, ain't bad. Pushes my boat somewhere in the 10-12 mph range which aint bad for a small tin. Some day I may get a motor that will put my boat on a full plane, but I will run this B&S motor as long as it runs and it does the job great. Anyone else got a small tin boat and motor?