So my cousin in law has been begging me to take him Rockfishing all summer long. My fishing partner and myself have been putting 30 pounders in the boat on a regular basis this summer. I would imaginge at least a dozen or so in the last two months in that range. Anyway, back to my cousin in law. I call him yesterday when my regular fishing partner can't make it and give him the invite. He says he doesn't have to work and would love to go and ask what time do we need to meet up. I told him to meet me at the ramp at 5:30 am. He says "Wow, that is really early but OK". He then ask what time will we be finished because he has some chores in the afternoon. I told him we would be finished and home before noon. I can immediately sense the hesitation in his voice when he says he has to check with his wife and would call me back. Next thing I know he sends me a text saying he can't make it because he is afraid he would be too tired in the afternoon to do his chores but maybe next time.

Unfortunately for him, there won't be a next time. If a person turns me down with an opportunity to catch the biggest fish of their life just so they can get a few hours of beauty sleep then there isn't a second chance. His loss. It boggles my mind that the guy begged me to take him and when I offered, he turned me down so he could sleep.

Well, as it turned out, I had a pretty good morning by myself. The overcast skies and light drizzle with fog on the water made for a pretty decent morning with the rockfish. I managed to boat three with the largest being a solid 30 pounds and the other two in the eighteen to twenty pound range. Several lookers and swirlers. Watched a fish blow up on some shad so hard I thought it had knocked itself out running up to some large rocks on the bank! Crazy!

Anyway, here are a few pics from this morning. The fishing laying on the boat is the 30 lber and was 41 inches long. The one I am holding is from an earlier trip just to give perspective to what a 30 pound fish looks like.

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