well for the first time in at least 3 years our hickory tree (2 trees grown together) is producing a good crop. This morning while I slept in on my day off, my dad saw 4 squirrels in the tree early in the morning. Time to set the alarm clock, the air rifle is already loaded, I hope to pick off at least 1 in the AM. Hope my aim is precise. I want these hickory nuts bad, and the squirrels will get them while green before I can pick them. I usually make a hickory nut pie for T-day and last year the crop was so bad across middle TN I could not find any hickory trees that produced nuts. This year is a good crop for most hickories and I want to be able to walk out my front door and pick them from our tree too. I will even climb most of the way up the tree to shake branches and pick them by hand. But these darn squirrels are the ones that deserve the title of "tree rat" and I plan to put em down.