Look what I came across a couple days ago.........

Mostly buffs and a few carp mixed in. The carp were smart and stayed closer to the downed timber. The buffs, if they spooked, they would be back in a minute. You could have shot quite a few this way. Actually I could have reached down and petted a couple of them if I really wanted to.

I managed to hook 2 carp, I got them to take very small jigs (Trout Magnet) but both of them broke my 6 lb test. The second one just ran straight under a tree and broke off. But watching a carp literally 5 feet under your nose eat a jig that you are twitching in front of it.... that's pretty cool. These were wild, not tame or fed...

If I had a bow with me I would have gladly shot a few of them, but I would rather watch one eat a jig than force feed it an arrow! Anyway thought you all would like to see the pic.... the location is.... classified

Edit: here is the video of the carp eating the jig (you can't see the jig because it was same color as the mud) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaG_os8CTA0

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