I headed out a spot near my home that I have hunted twice in my life and collected a limit each time. Started off with a miss, a long shot at a traveling gray, a very makeable shot. Wouldnt miss again, although one gray needed a second shot to dislodge him from stubborn cedar branch. Had 4 dead by 7:15, then everything stopped. Made a luckly, borderline desperate shot on squirrel 6 at 8:01 and figured that would be it. Shot two ground traveling grays at 8:15 and figured i may have a shot at a limit. Crossed over through a dried up corn field headed to another distant woodlot and collected squirrel 9 in a fence row, who decided he needed to take a look back. Finally got to the woods i sought, and saw branches a swaying. This woods is incredibly thick with a tom of undergrwoth and a really tight canopy. Picked up a distant gray in small opening and put squirrel 10 on the ground. Tried to mark my tree, but due to undergrowth it was hard. I finally found him and picked him at 8:32. Stopped by an old log shack on my way out for the pic. It was a great hunt, but overall squirrel movement was slow. Really slow. Very fortunate to salvage a limit on this one. Went 10 for 12 with a miss and a dislodging shot. 8 grays and 2 fox squirrels. 2 barkers and 8 travelors. not a single cutter, unusual. ALL 10 squirrels were males.

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"I will predator hunt for food "