Even though I prefer cooler weather, I couldn't let Opening Morning slide by without being in the woods. And the squirrels were out in force and cutting Ironwood, White oak, Hickories, etc etc. I acquired another Benjamin Marauder in 25 cal. It is a PCP (Pre-Charged Pnematic) with 8 shot clip. On one filling of air I get 22 good usable shots. It'll tear one hole at 50 yards from a padded rest. It has a Green Mountain barrel, and that is probably why that sucker is so accurate. I killed 5. When that 25 cal pellet (25.1 grains) smacks the squirrel it sounds just like a fast ball slapping a catcher's mit. Rarely does the squirrel do anything but fall dead with minimal death struggle. This is a very efficient squirrel killing rifle and I can shoot all day at a fraction of the price of my Marlin 22 mag.
I use a hi output foot pump to charge this rifle. I seriously modded the stock but did a poor job of applying urethane varnish. Since yesterday, I have sanded the stock back down to bare wood (beech) and am in the process of refinishing Thanks for looking. Hope more of my Tennessee brothers and sisters hit the woods yesterday morning. We need rain and cooler weather, but that certainly didn;t stop the squirrels from being out. I could have limited quickly with my 870 but it was neat to try an airgun. These things are under rated. And by airgun: I don't mean the the ones that the local WalMart carries in stock, though there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!!! Just saying that there is more quality out there for the buying. Anyway, had a blast. Hopefully, more successful airgunning reports to come.

The 5th squirrel, under the rifle, was barking his fool head off at me as I strode back to the car with my 4 squirrels. All that was showing was his head through the Leupold 3x9x33 EFR scope at 9x. In between barks, I let my little gun bark. The 25 pellet never slowed down as it went through the snout, behind the eye, and out the back of his noggin. Number 5 went home with the rest. They are now frozen solid in a block of ice ready for a few more to go with them. Excuse the poor pic quality from my Samsung phone cam.