Found a pack of wild hog backstraps hiding behind some veggies my wife stuffed into the "meat freezer".

Decided to go old school. A little flour, a lot of black pepper, some salt, a little Tony's.

Flipped em into a hot skillet with some olive oil and butter. (next time I am using regular veg oil). Fried up till brown and crispy with the centers at 143'. Plated while I carved off a big hunk of home made crusty french bread. Shoveled a couple scoops of green beans from the garden and had an awesome old school home cooked/produced meal.

Now I am full as the fat kid from Willy Wonka when he found the river of chocolate. Man that was good !

* Note... the flavor of the olive oil was slightly over powering the delicate flavor of the wild pork. Hog had been gorging on acorns and has a fantastic slightly sweet nutty flavor.
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