was down behind the house this evening trying to do summin with my 7mag had the .308 out just to play
i have a set of swinging targets i mad at work out of 5/8" carbon steel
i was shooting the 7mag an decided to put the last one in the swinging target
(a lil pissed cuz i couldn't get it staightened out )
anywho pulled the trigger went st8 thru never slowed up
thought hmmmm to my self throwed one in the .308 pulled
went bout 3/4 of the way thru made a bulge on the back side bout like a quarter wasn't the brighest thing ive ever done for several reasons
but just thought it was interesting
now i gotta reason to build new targets lol
if ure gonna go go all the way if ure gonna stay then stand ure ground if u cant run with the big dogs then big dog let me walk u out !!
van zant